RV Rescue

Summit Products helps RV Rescue showcase
makeover opportunities for older RVs

ELKHART, Ind. — Summit Products, Inc. has joined title sponsor Dometic and a group of other companies to help RVers increase their enjoyment of the RV lifestyle through sponsorship of the RV Rescue, an extreme RV makeover event and TV show.

Summit Products, Inc. is one of several sponsors bringing an exciting and entertaining array of makeover products and ideas to the RV Rescue TV show, which will air during the RVtoday show’s season in June 2006. Melody Rose, the event’s head designer, emphasizes that, “each sponsor brings a set of new makeover ideas for people who own older RVs. I’m excited to have such a spectrum of great products to choose from when we perform the makeover live at The Rally in Daytona Beach, Fla., next April.”

Millions of people travel America’s highways in older RVs that could use a new lease on life. RV Rescue is searching for the ideal RV and family to win an extreme RV makeover and star in the TV show on the Outdoor Life Network next year.

RV Rescue showcases makeover possibilities for millions of today’s RV owners. According to Rose, “while some people are disposed to buying a new RV every three or four years, others just love their RV like a family member and aren’t going to give it up. RV Rescue shows these folks ways they can keep their RV, but still update it.”

RV Rescue combines the excitement of an extreme makeover event with full program production by the RVtoday TV crew. Equally important, RV Rescue brings together the resources and dedication of a group of companies to help RVers increase their enjoyment of the RV lifestyle. The collaboration seeks ways to inform RVers about how to improve their own RVs through do-it-yourself projects; to identify trends in RV improvements that affect how people enjoy their life on the road; and to promote greater comfort and convenience in the RV lifestyle.

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