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At Summit Products, our Metal Fabrication Services can create just about any part that is needed for your motor coach.

We start with our Engineering services by creating a  mechanical design or drawing of the part needed, using ProEngineer/Wildfire, MasterCAM X, & AlphaCAM software.

We then use various methods to construct the part out of the finest materials. We cut, shape, punch, and/or press raw materials, using the finest craftsmanship,.

The formed pieces are welded together, cooled, checked for accuracy, buffed or sand blasted, primed, and painted to achieve the end result that you are looking for. The finished product is then inspected and shipped or installed.

Summit Products Metal Fabrication services includes 2 punch presses, a buffing center, a milling center, a high precision hydraulic press with +/- 0.004 accuracy, and  MIG/TIG/Stick welding.

Call or contact us today to have Summit Products make your motor coach parts using our Metal Fabrication services.

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