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Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication Laser
Metal Forming

Metal Forming

Our Metal Forming process starts with flat sheet metal and uses various methods and machines to transform it into a part that will fit onto your motor coach.

The metal  passes through several different stages before the final form is obtained. This may include stretching, punching, piercing, bending, curving, or rolling the metal to transform it into the shape desired. 

Then the part is crimped or rolled to hide all sharp edges and add strength to the piece. The finished part is then buffed, primed, and painted to match your motor coach, if necessary.

Once the end result has been obtained, Summit Products can install the part(s) on your motor coach, ensuring that it properly fits and/or matches the paint or trim on your motor coach.

Call or contact us today to have Summit Products make your motor coach parts using our Metal Fabrication services.

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