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Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication Laser
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Laser Services

Summit Products, Inc. has the latest in CNC laser cutting technology to produce an infinite variety of shapes and sizes. Laser cutting is an ideal method to process parts which require:

  • Further forming or secondary operations
  • Short run or prototype quantities
  • Complicated part configuration
  • Extremely large part applications where hard tooling costs cannot be justified.
Because the lead time required for tool and die design and build is non-existent, short lead time, rush and emergency jobs can easily be accommodated.

Laser Cutting:
  • Parts up to 48" wide by 120" long
  • Laser cutting capacity up to .500" carbon steel, .250" stainless steel and .25" aluminum
  • Ideal process to accommodate design changes
  • Virtually any metal that comes in flat sheet form can be laser cut with carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum being the most readily available
Every order comes complete with the service that made us famous.

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