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Generic coach measurement instructions

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Winnebago Journey

P1 is typically the (optional) step surround.  The size below fits most Journeys without modification.  If it doesn’t look like it will work for you please note what changed need to be made P1

For the straight baggage doors just measure the overall length.

Some of the doors have a bracket along the bottom edge, if you are getting a premier kit we will need to cut a notch  to clear it.  Please measure the width and location of the bracket so we can allow for it.

If you need any additional cutouts please draw a sketch of the panel with the cutout.

For the wheel well panels just measure the width at the part where if is most vertical.

On the angled rear doors we need 2 additional measurements along with the overall length to get the correct angle.  Take the vertical measurements by hooking your tape measure along the bottom edge of the door and measuring to the top of the door.  See diagram below.


Information for installers