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Generic coach measurement instructions

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Tiffin Allegro Bus

NOTE: These panel numbers are a general guide, you may end up with more or fewer panels and this is okay.

Start with the passenger side

P1 goes to the right of the entry step, the length doesn’t matter too much. We typically make this around 2.75″ to make the right edge line up with the entry door.

P2 goes to the left of the entry steps. Measure the full width as shown below. When we make your wheel well panels we will subtract 1.5″ to allow the top of the panel to not interfere with the wheel flare.

P3 Measure the same as you did on P2

P4-P8 measure the exact length to make the panels

P9 will have a cutout for the light. Just measure the width like you did for the front wheel well panels. Be sure to include a photo of this area so we can make sure we have the correct light cutout for you.

P10 measure the same as you did P2 and P3

P11 measure the exact length

P12 measure the exact length horizontally across the middle of the door. Don’t measure the length of the angled bottom.

P13 measure the length of the small area to the right of the rear cap molding

Driver side:

D1-D13 measure the same as you did on the passenger side.

Grill caps

See the diagram below to see the measurements we need. All dimensions should be taken from the left inside edge of the grill to the center of the vertical fins.

You should have a bottom grill similar to the bottom grill in the diagram, the next grill up should be similar to the middle grill in the diagram, and the rest of your grills should match the top grill in the diagram.

D14 will go to the right of the grill. Just measure horizontally straight across like you did on the rear passenger door.

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