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Generic coach measurement instructions

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On the Mandalay P1 will be to the right of the entry steps and P2 will be to the left of the steps ahead of the front wheel.

Note that in most cases we will make the panels to the exact length you provide us with.

on the panels adjacent to wheels you should measure the width of the panel near the bottom before it begins to curl under (see pic below)


for straight panels just measure the full width.

On angled panels found at the rear you need to provide us with measurements A, B, and C as shown below so we can calculate the proper angle for your panels.

A is the width measured horizontally (don’t measure along the bottom edge)

B is the height of the right edge, measure the same as you did on the left side.

A is the height of the left edge, you can hook your tape measure along the bottom edge and measure up to the top.


For the driver side rear grill we need measurements A through F as shown below

A is the overall width measured horizontally

B and C are the widths between the grill and the edges of the panel

D is the length of the straight portion of the bottom edge

E and F are the heights of the right and left edges.


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