How To Take Good Coach Photos



For creating a successful stainless package we rely greatly on the required photos that are provided from you the customer. As basic as a photo of the Driver, Passenger,
Front and Rear of the coach is great.  Identifying special areas is also important. This allows us to see your coach and when questions come up we can view the area in question together over the phone to attain the information we are looking for.

The best way to take photos is to hold the camera very low and stand farther away while using the camera optical zoom rather than taking a picture up close.


bad good photos

To expand further I have attached photos of other locations that are required as well.   Any project starts with simple yet extremely valuable information. Simple as a photo or measurements on a simple hand drawing. Allows us to make each of the stainless armor panels or accessories for your coach.

Other areas that require special detail to build your stainless packages are:

Front of front wheel area on Driver Side

2013 Anthem David Nestor WO#10915 (4)

Rear of rear wheel on Driver Side Radiator Grill area.

2013 Anthem Brooks (13)

Main Entry door area. With entrance door open and closed.

2013 Dutchstar 4318002

Photos of marker lights and docking lights will affect the installation process. Please send photos of these areas as well. All four locations on coach is needed.

2015 Newmar Dutch Star 4018 #13194 015

In the below photos some latches are installed lower than the rest of the latches. Photos of this issue is important.


Some model coaches use different types of docking lights. Oval and round are the two most used types as shown in the attached photos.

2015 Newmar Dutch Star 4018 #13194 014 (Large)

Some coaches also present some unique situations that create special attention to detail. Shown in the two photos below you see that there are some special installation details.  Photos of these areas can ward off issues down the road. A simple hand drawing outlining measurement locations is required.

3 4

With all custom stainless armor packages it is essential to get as much information, photos and detailed measurements for special areas to have a successful installation. The list below outlines the information required at the time the order is placed.

1: Photos of the customers unit. Don’t be shy. Photos help more than you know. We can never get enough.

2: A Summit measurement form with panel measurements.

3: Measurements for wheel well locations need to be taken as full width. We will adjust to allow for wheel molding.

4: A Summit Docking light measurement form. When it applies to the coach.

5:  Hand drawn pictures of special needs areas. Lower latch locations for panel cutout. Same for special bay or access doors.

6: Grill Cap kits, need photo, measured and quantities of each for confirmation when ordering.


Information for installers