How To Measure For Docking Lights

Occasionally your stainless armor will extend into areas of your coach that feature a round or oval docking light.  Your stainless panels will feature custom cutouts that will fit tight around these lights.

Use the following forms to collect your measurements

Oval light measurement form

Round light measurement form

Getting good measurements for docking lights is crucial for ensuring your panels fit correctly.

A horizontal and a vertical measurement will be required to properly locate your cutouts.  Both of these will be measured to the CENTER of the light.  On oval lights this would be the center of the bulls-eye circles in the middle.

You will need a tape measure, a flat surface such as a clipboard, and a coach measuring template which you can download and print off below.

Click HERE for measuring templates.


This measurement will be from the straight edge of the panel (the side away from the wheel) to the center of the light.

Place your clipboard or similar up against the edge of the panel and measure straight across as shown in the photo below.  Measure to the nearest 1/16″


The light in the photo measures approximately 2 – 1/4″



Use a horizontal string or piece of paper to help you make a temporary mark on the door panel next to the panel with the docking lights,

The reason for this is the bottom of the fiberglass panels containing the docking lights are not consistent with the rest of the baggage doors.

see photo below


Once you have your mark, hold your paper template perpendicular to coach with bottom edge up against the bottom of the door and take your measurement of your mark.


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