Ventana 2016+

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Generic coach measurement instructions

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Newmar Ventana

A few things to watch for when measuring Ventana coaches

-Wheel well panels

If you have a single axle coach with the larger wheel flares you will need to measure from the edge of the panel to the crease where the flare begins as indicated in the photo below


On tandem axle coaches the flare does not matter so you should measure the full width of the panel near the bottom as shown below


-On the rear angled panels we will need some additional measurements to get the correct angle.

for measurement A measure straight across horizontally (don’t follow the angle on the bottom.

For measurements B and C you will hook your tape measure to the bottom of the panel and measure up to the top of the panel at the front and rear edge of the panel.

Do this on any panels that are not horizontal along the bottom



Information for installers