Ventana 2011-2015

VENTANA 2011-2015

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Generic coach measurement instructions

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Sample measurement form for 4369

Newmar Ventana

A few notes for measuring Ventana coaches

-Wheel well panels


Measure the full width of the panels next to a wheel.  We will deduct for wheel flares or wheel molding if necessary.measurement

-On the rear angled panels we will need some additional measurements to get the correct angle.


1First you will measure the individual panels horizontally (not along the bottom angle)

Next measurement A will be straight across all of the rear angled doors.

Measurement B will be vertically at the front of the first angled door.  Just hook your tape measure to the bottom of the panel and wrap around and measure to the top of the door.

Measurement C will be measured the same way at the rear of the last angled panel.

On the drivers side of the coach you will need to do the same thing except across 3 panels.


Information for installers