Mountain Aire

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Generic coach measurement instructions

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Sample Measurement Form for 4503

Newmar Mountain Aire

Note: Panel numbers may not match due to different configurations.  This is okay.

D1 is the front door on the drivers side, measure the exact width.

D2 and D3 are wheel well panels, measure the full width of the panel near the bottom.  We will compensate for any curvature that is needed.

D4-D9 are normal doors, measure the exact width of each.

D10-D11 are the wheel well panels in front of and behind the rear wheels.  Measure the full width along the bottom as you did on the front


D12 is the grill on the drivers side.  If your grill is Capture

-Wheel well panels, you will measure full width.  Measure along the bottom of the panel just before it begins to curve under the coach.


-On the rear angled panels you should measure straight across horizontally rather than going along the angle.rearpanelmeasurement

-The panel in front of the entry step should be measured the full width across the molding and then cut and remove the molding at the top of the stainless during install.


Information for installers