Dutch Star

Download armor measurement form here!

Generic coach measurement instructions

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Newmar Dutch Star

Please read through the “Generic coach measurement instructions” above and watch out for the special cases below

A few things to look out for when measuring Dutch Stars

-Wheel well panels, you will measure full width.  Measure along the bottom of the panel just before it begins to curve under the coach.


-On the rear angled panels you should measure straight across horizontally rather than going along the angle.


-If you are not getting the optional step surround you will only need to measure the space between the entry steps and the wheel well.

-If you are getting the Step surround we will need 3 measurements.  Red lines indicate measurements needed in the photo below.

A. Distance from the left edge of the step opening to the wheel well (measure the same way as you did the other wheel well panels)

B. the height from the top of the step opening to the bottom edge of the entry door.

C. Distance from the left edge of the step opening to the vertical molding that runs down the right side of the steps.


-We will need to properly locate the docking lights so we can cut around them.  Please refer to the docking light instructions here.

Docking Light Instructions

-For the piece under the rear grill you just need to measure the length along the bottom from end to end (follow the angle of the bottom)

Information for installers