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Generic coach measurement instructions

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Navigator Instructions

Starting on the drivers side we’ll need dimensions A, B, and C for the D1 panel.D1x¬†For D2 measure the distance from the flare crease to the gap as shown below.


D3-D6 measure the full width of each door.

D7 we will make two small strips so we need the width of each one A and B


D8 we’ll need dimensions A and B as shown below


On the passenger side we start with P1 behind the front tire, measure the same way you did on D2.

When you get to the rear we’ll need Measurements A, B, and C as shown below.

A is the wheel flare crease to the right edge of the gap by the door

B is the wheel flare crease to the left edge of the gap to the left of the door.

C is from the left edge of the left gap to the right edge of the exhaust cutout.


Information for installers