American Tradition

Download armor measurement form here!

Sample measurement form for 42M

Generic coach measurement instructions

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Fleetwood American Tradition Tips

When taking vertical measurements on Fleetwood coaches you should measure from the the middle of the upper bend at the bottom of the doors.

For the docking lights you will need to refer to the docking light instruction page HERE.  Use the “Round light measurement form”

Measure the width of panels adjacent to wheels at the bottom bend

For the step surround provide dimensions A through D from the attachment below

Step Surround measurements

On the rear drivers panel we will need dimensions A through E as shown in the attachment below

Rear driver side form

If you are getting grill caps; list the length and quantity.

Also provide dimensions A through D on the rear passenger side panel attachment below

Rear passenger side form

If you have a latch towards the bottom of the door please provide a simple sketch with dimensions as shown below.


Information for installers