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Generic coach measurement instructions

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NOTE: The panel numbers listed below are a general guide, due to different floor pans and coach lengths your numbers may be different.

All panels will be cut to the exact length you provide

On the passenger side P1 will be directly in front of the front wheel.  Measure the area indicated by the red line shown below.  You should be measuring along the bend.


P2 will be directly behind the front door, measure the same as P1

P3-P5 measure the exact length of the door or panel.

P6-P7 are in front of and behind the rear wheels.


P8-P10 have an angle along the bottom.  We need to measure these horizontally across the door as shown below (don’t measure along the bottom bend)


We also need a couple measurements to give us the angle.  Measure the vertical distance from the top of the door to the bottom bend at the leading edge of P8 and the trailing edge of P10 as shown below.


If you have an exhaust cutout down low on P10 we will need measurements for that as well.  Please draw a sketch as shown below with your dimensions.  The green line represents the bend.


On the drivers side measure everything exactly as you did on the passenger side.  The last two panels should be measured horizontally as shown below.  We don’t need to worry about the angle on this side as it should be the same as the passenger side.

D8 D9 D10



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